Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Heart Book(end)s!!

I think I may have uncovered another addiction of mine. Along with dressers, chairs, pillows and lamps I believe I may also be hooked on bookends. Admitting it is the first step, right? I found these at the Salvation Army on 1/2 price day for $6.00, which I know is a lot for me, but I can tell they are old and along with holding great stories in place, I know they have a story of their own to tell. They will telling it on my bookshelf from now on.


  1. Ok, first of all, these bookends are fantastic!! AMAZING find...I wish we were close enough to go thrifting together!

    Secondly, yes, I am an Auburn fan...I knew you were an Oregon fan(and tuition payer!) but I tried to let my fandom slip under the radar once I knew that this was the matchup for the BCS bowl game. Technically, I am a Carolina Tar Heels fan, that is where I went to school, along with almost the entire rest of my family. However, my very sweet and funny little brother, who is my most favorite person, is a sophomore at Auburn. The only one in the family to even break out of the ACC! I call him my little war eaglet. So for him, I cheer for the Tigers! I'm sure you understand and will hopefully forgive me my transgressions ;)

  2. oh, these are amazing. I inherited some old ones in the shape of elephants from my great-aunt, and I have a split-up Eiffel tower. I wish I had space for more...