Thursday, January 6, 2011

Form Over Function!

Do you remember this dresser I got back in July? It was a mega-bargain at Goodwill and I could not pass it up despite the very clear lack of need for another chest of drawers of any sort!! As you know that has never stopped me before! Well, I have finally finished, found a home for, and photographed said dresser, and here it is! It was a bit of an experiment for me, I hadn't done much decorative painting before, but how hard could it be? Right? Turned out it was easy and fun. I just cut out a shape and traced it on and started painting. The hardest part was knowing where and when to stop, I could have covered the whole thing but I thought less was more in this case. I got new drawer pulls and its better then new, except for the fact that the drawers stick so badly I can barely open them! Oh well, it looks great!! Form over function!


  1. It looks very very good! I really like it,

  2. How cute! It's Design Sponge worthy. Well done!

  3. Totally awesome job!!!!! Great idea for a lackluster piece!