Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rock It Resell

When I was pregnant with my daughter Clare, my sister Mary began her own business. Beside the fact that I was proud of my baby sister for having the smarts (and the guts) to do this, I was thrilled with the fact that it was a consignment shop for maternity and children's clothing called "Baby and Me". What perfect timing! Along with her friend and partner Anita, they have since opened 2 more "Baby and Me" locations. They have a thriving business and in this economy it has continued to grow. They have lately taken on a new endeavor, in a new market. Last October they opened their 4th consignment boutique called "Rock It Resell" which serves their "aging" demographic: young people and adults. Another coup for me as my children get older and I haven't been pregnant for years! I had the privilege of helping them design their new shop and it was truly an honor and so much fun. I loved every moment of it, from roaming Goodwill looking for fun art and props, to taking a "field trip" with them to Anthropology to get ideas. Between multiple thrift shops, IKEA and "HomeGoods" we got it done and it looks so great! It is a space I am very proud of and when I go there, not only do I get to see my sister and shop for amazing clothes at a great price, I get to hang out in a place that I had a hand in creating. I love it!


  1. oh my goodness that space looks amazing! I love all the little touches like your pretty jewelry silhouette, the dandelion lamp, and the keep calm and carry on poster!

  2. What cute store! Congrats to your sister!
    Actually, I recently learned about consignment stores and I'm excited to visit one.

  3. Looks like a posh boutique. How cute is that microscope? Looks really inviting...congrats!