Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacob

On this day 20 years ago, I became a Mom. When my son Jacob was born he changed my life forever. I am grateful for that moment every day. I have blogged about my first born before. About his love and passion for writing and about his leaving home and heading off to college. But there is more to him then that. Jacob has loved books his whole life, he reads everything and remembers everything. I stopped keeping track a long time ago who got more answers right while watching Jeopardy! (...not me!) This love of reading led to a major love of writing, and he has turned into a great crafter of words. He spent hours in our driveway dribbling a basket ball until it was worn out, coming up with amazing story ideas and crazy movie plots, and he has no problem walking miles to the book store or the campus library. He is opinionated but not rude, his opinions are vast and deep but he can just as easily turn and argue for the other side, just to be contrary! He has a sophisticated sense of humor that he likes to point out, I don't always get. His Facebook updates are equal parts scathing and hilarious. He watches Fox News, wears a bow tie, and loves Rap music. As a 6 year old he was unfazed when he first saw "Jaws" but he still cries every time he watches "Dumbo." (...sorry Jake!) He is introspective, self effacing, and very laid back. When your children are small, you try to imagine what they will be like when they grow up, what sort of adults they will be. If you squint your eyes and use your imagination you can sort of make it out. What you don't know is this: that moment comes so much faster than you can imagine. I look at my first born and am so happy and proud of the person he has grown up to be.

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  1. I cry when I watch Dumbo too...when the mom elephant puts her trunk through the bars....ahhhh it's heart wrenching!! Also, I meant to comment on those cookies you made! They look awesome, I'm glad to see that the idea inspired you, but more glad to see that that kit works really well!