Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am often asked which Goodwill I shop at, and my response is always the same: All of them! I am lucky enough to have 13 Goodwills within a 10 mile radius of my house. I haven't visited them all (yet) but it excites me to know they are out there! My approach to a Goodwill shopping trip is the same regardless of which location: furniture first, I'm always on the hunt for old chairs or dressers to paint. Next I head over to framed art, where I have discovered some of my most interesting and valuable bargains. From there I look at bedding, I have found brand new, still in the package, Pottery Barn and Ralph Lauren bedding there. If time allows I look for jeans, designer jeans get donated to Goodwill all the time. But rarely do I walk down the isles with the wicker basket collections, the endless rows of vases or the little porcelain statues but on occasion I do, which is where I found these lovely deco brass bookends. I think they are so graceful and elegant and I love that they are not just pretty but have a job to do.


  1. seeeeeriously? These are amazing. That's it...I'm going to have to go cross country for some good Good Will-ing.

  2. Those are really cool! I have never been to a GoodWill b/c there aren't any near me but I do frequent the Salvation Army and have found wounderful things! I feel like it's my dirty little secret.

  3. You really have an eye for the gorgeous! Love them , and I love how you've styled them!