Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am slowly working my way through this excellent book about the life of John Cheever. I read an article about him in "Vanity Fair" that included a review of this book by Blake Baily. The superb writing and in depth stories in "Vanity Fair" have a way of making you care deeply about obscure topics and people that you would never have given a thought to before. That's the way it was with John Cheever. After reading this article I was fascinated by the man even though I haven't read a word he has written. When I finally reach the end of this very detailed and intelligently written biography, I am going to dive into "The Stories of John Cheever" and try to get to know the man from his own writing and stories. If he is half as talented and tortured as Blake Bailey makes him out to be it should be excellent!

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  1. An old mentor of mine loved Cheever. I'm so curious now! Please let me know how you're liking the book once you delve in. Very interested! Love VF articles!