Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Heart Spray Paint!

One project down, 13,782 to go....ok, it just seems that way! I have so much going on in my head that it feels great to actually get something out of there and done! I'm happy to say that after a little trial and error, I love how this chair turned out! I had planned on using a matte finish but after one coat I knew it needed to be glossy. I found the best deal on spray paint: Lowes has generic cans of black or white paint in glossy or flat for .99 cents, so it was no problem to pick up more, and the 1st coat served as a primer. I ordered the fabric from Calico Corners online so I wasn't aware that the print was so large! I thought this would be a problem with the size of the seat cushion, but I think it looks great, more graphic and modern then if it were a smaller repeat. From start to finish this project didn't go as planned but in the end it turned out perfect and I think it may become a permanent home for the hippo pillow, he looks at home sitting there don't you think?


  1. Oh goodness! That chair, the fabric, your rug. To die for!

    Betsy, I'm hosting a giveaway, please do drop by!

  2. Sell the chair! Sell the chair! (To me.)

    Okay: make me one! make me one! name your price!

  3. I LOVE this, Betsy!!! Good eye because that chair had great lines but definitely needed your help! Love the choices you made....doesn't black paint make everything better?