Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Have a Seat Papa!

I'm really excited about this next project! I've seen a lot of bamboo furniture pieces showing up lately on design blogs and in decor magazines. OK, I know this Rattan chair is not bamboo, but I think it has the same tropical wood feel and a similar handsome, Hemingway-ness to it. There were 4 of them at Goodwill at $14.99 each, but the others were pretty beat up so I just bought the one. It broke my heart to leave the others behind but I know that sometimes a piece looks grander when it breaks from the pack, it becomes less common, and more unique. The practical side of me was attracted to this chair in part because I knew the seat would come off easily and I could cover it myself with a beautiful fabric and my handy staple gun. I searched online for a purple Ikat that I had seen before on a chair I fell in love with, but alas it was not to be found anywhere. I did find this gorgeous indigo at Calico Corners online and honestly I like it just as much or better, its truly more practical and will fit into more places in my home. I'm going to sand down the shine and spray it satin black, I think a gloss would make this more organic piece look too garish. I can't wait to get started! Stay tuned!!

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