Monday, October 18, 2010

...not far from the tree!

Another Goodwill transformation! My daughter has a tiny bedroom, just enough space for a bed and a desk and that's about it! She was stacking up books on her nightstand which quickly became cluttered with all the things that 10 year old girls clutter things up with. (I was once a 10 year old girl who collected clutter, so I know this all too well!) When I spotted this tall, narrow shelf at Goodwill the wheels in my head started to spin. For $4.99 I could make this into a book shelf that would fit in to a tiny corner of her bedroom and organize the clutter at least for a while. I sanded it down and primed it and after much consideration and conversation with my daughter, decided to keep it simple and paint it white! To make it a bit more interesting though, I painted the inside grey, the same grey as the wall color, I think it adds depth and a more modern touch. We'll see how long it stays uncluttered, but if she is any thing like I was it won't be long!

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  1. That's a VERY stylish room for a ten year old! Love the bookshelf AND the gallery wall!