Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pretty Pink Chair

My latest project is a big transformation in one little chair! I found this one at a garage sale for $6.50. Score! I like the simple lines of the back and the slightly fancier scrolled arms and legs. I knew it would look great painted. I resisted the urge to go glossy white and opted instead for this Pepto-Bismol pink I got for $1.00 in the mis-tinted paint section at Lowe's. I am a bit of a frustrated, non-sewer, fabric collector, so I hauled out all my bits and pieces of scrap fabric. Nothing really worked. Then I came across this burlap bag I had been saving from a bag of rice I got at Costco. I loved the contrast with the over-the-top girly pink right away. So I sanded and painted and cut and stretched and stapled this chair into the world...and I love it!!


  1. After seeing this chair in person yesterday (and drooling profusely) I can't believe the before picture! How on earth do you see the potential in the things you find?!

    Next time you want to do a project like this, I need a funky chair for my office . . .

  2. Oh my goodness! I just bought a huge bag of rice at costco the other day--mostly because of the cool bag it came in!
    Now I know what to do with it!
    You're the best!
    (came over from design sponge)

  3. I saw this on Design Sponge and want to know how you prepared the chair before painting? I have a dining setting that I have been avoiding sanding because it has similar grooves to the legs of your chair, any tips?

    P.S it looks fantastic :)


  4. Betsy~
    We found you via Design Sponge and loved your sweet little blog so much we decided to feature it today on our blog LoveFeast Table!

    We posted your pink chair pic and added some link love!! We hope you don't mind (please let us know!)

    Our post was on blogs we love that inspire us! Here is the link: Fancy Friday #BlogLove

    Chris Ann & Kristin

  5. I found you via Design Sponge & Love your chair. I added you to my pin board & certainly hope you don't mind. http://pinterest/jolieelise/pink (you're in the DIY board as well). I'm inspired!

  6. Betsy, I LOVE this chair! I'm so glad to see that it is yours, great, great job! Thanks for the follow!