Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Apocalypse Not Now

So this is weird, I know. It doesn't fit into the decor of either of my homes. But, while once again roaming the aisles of one of my favorite Goodwills, I spied this poster. Right away I loved the Beards style, shiny gold frame. (If you would have told me even a few months ago that I would be drawn to a gold frame I would have scoffed all over the place...but here we are and I love a shiny gold anything. Weird!) Also, I know its not inexpensive to use this sort of frame and when I see one at the Goodwill it means that what's in the frame might be worth a second glance. I must admit my very limited knowledge of classical music or opera so it wasn't the Wagner reference that sold me. It was the bold red, black and gold and the crazy graphics. I Googled "Die Walkure" and found out that if you have ever seen the movie "Apocalypse Now", and got goosebumps when the helicopters came up over the horizon, then, with apologies to Francis Ford Coppola, it was probably due to this awesome piece of music by Richard Wagner from this opera!! Right away I like this poster even more!

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  1. Hey Betsy, this is Caitie Bradach. My mom showed me your blog when she came down for mom's weekend last month, and I wanted to tell you how cute I think it is. I love see all the beautiful things that you find and create. Maybe your blog will inspire my mom to start a cooking blog!
    Also, this poster is so cool, what a great find!