Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another dresser!!

OK, so not only do I have a thing for lamps, I also apparently have a thing for dressers. I scored this one at the Salvation Army Boutique on half price Monday so it was only $20.00. Its actually about the size of a large night stand so that's probably what I will use it for. I had passed it up on previous visits, because it only has one working pull and a few dings and scratches, and I wouldn't want to paint it because what I love about it is the wood (veneer) grain. But it just kept calling to me every time I was there, so I thought maybe I could fix up all those scratches and find some cool new/old pulls. I was able to cover up most of the flaws with the "Guardsman" markers I found at Safeway (great score those "Guardsman"!) Now I just need to get to Hippo Hardware, I'm thinking Lucite but I should be so lucky!

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