Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!

When I look at this picture of me and my Dad I am struck by a few things. First of all look at how handsome and young he is! Secondly, that he had the time and patience with 4 other kids running around, to sit with me alone and build that Tinkertoy super structure! He has always had major MacGyver skills even then. 3. I am mesmerized!..I am loving right where I am, right then.That is the best feeling when your a kid, I had my Dad all to myself! Over the years I have come to realized a few things about my Father. He is so funny and can eat a cookie in 1 bite (a hot dog in 2!!) but is also deeply and quietly spiritual. He is protective but knows when to let you make mistakes for your own good. He can converse on any subject but is especially good at who's hot (or not) on TMZ, and James Bond movies (his favorite being the very under-rated Roger Moore, of course). He is a patient Grandfather who can sit and watch The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and enjoy it (or pretend to), and can figure out the most complicated engineering and building tasks and make it look easy and beautiful. He is frugal when it counts and altruistic when no one is looking. Simply put, I love my Dad, he is the best! Now, fourth and lastly, look at that groovy Dad gave my Mom freedom to do her thing...always...still does.

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