Friday, August 20, 2010

A Perfect Day

What is a perfect day you ask? Well let me count the ways:
1.Wake up early with your beautiful 10 year old daughter and make Apple-Cinnamon Toastie.
2.While its baking cozy up and watch last nights "Project Runway" on the Internet.
3.While its still baking, finish the hardest part of the Gum Drop Pillow.
4.Next, sit outside in the morning sunshine and enjoy the finally baked breakfast.
5.Take the dog for a walk and get today's paper for tomorrow morning, what day is it anyway?
6.Drive into town and head to Goodwill, (enough said).
7.Have a salad for lunch but take a slice of Black Butte Chocolate cake to go. Yum!
8.While on the way home go Geocaching at the places you have already found. (is that cheating?).
9.Head home, sit in the sun and flip through the latest Elle Decor while your sweet daughter takes her and your turns at a board game.
10.Make homemade vanilla ice cream to go with the chocolate cake.Double Yum!
11.Top it off with a corny but touching movie.
12.Cozy up with your daughter and fall asleep.


  1. Your day sounds really good! I have to get down to "making" something soon, else I'm going to burn out. I love creating and its been a while... your gumdrop pillow looks fab!

  2. aww this sounds so cute! BTW, finally watched my DVRed Design Star! I loved that they finally let them create something on their own and not in a "team" Still need to watch Project Runway from last week too!