Thursday, August 5, 2010

Classy Art

When it comes to decor & design, my hair salon is the place I play with the most. It is the most experimental and the most fun. I shuffled things around in there recently to make room for some of my more recent finds. I brought in a dresser for storage (and to get it out of my garage) and found that I had to rearrange some of my art. Throughout this process I took down some of the pieces I didn't think worked any more. (I had framed the letter H but no one could figure out that it stood for hair!) I found that I needed to find or create some new art. I went through old family photos looking for something original and found just what I was looking for. My apologies if you recognize yourself from the 5th grade class at Holy Redeemer in 1973-1974! I'm top left and my sister is in the lovely red blouse! And I have no recollection of why I scratched out that poor girls face, but she must have had it coming! Nostalgia Art! I love it!

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