Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Please don't eat off the Art!

all images via Apartment Therapy

I have always loved plates on walls. No, not thrown at walls like some crazy Italian family in the movies, leaving messy streaks of spaghetti sauce dripping down the wall. I mean plates used as art. I have collected a few over the years but have tended to group them in a linear design, either horizontally or vertically, or flanking another piece of art. While browsing around the Internet I found these great photos of plate walls done in a completely new way! Very random and organic with a mix of old and new. I love that they look so effortless but I know in reality that it must have taken a lot of planning and trial and error to achieve that look. I think I need to dig out some of my old finds and start looking for some more modern pieces. I see a new kind of plate wall in my future, with no spaghetti sauce in sight!!

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  1. I just did a post on mix and match plate arrangements and used some of the very same images. Great minds must think alike! I love how you can create an interesting, colorful display without spending a fortune. I just started my own plate wall in my kitchen and love it. It makes me smile every time I see it.

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