Saturday, July 17, 2010

Digging up a Good Deal at Anthropologie

In the last few months I have gotten some really great home stuff from the clearance room at "Anthropologie". Yes, I love their clothes too, but as I do not have the tall, young, slim body required to make their lovely clothes look even lovelier, I mostly stick to the home furnishing section. Their stuff is so unique and having just one or 2 Anthropologie pieces in a room make any room that much cooler. We got a new basement couch at a garage sale last weekend, and its pretty nice, but maybe a little plain. Lay down a hippopotamus pillow from Anthro and it magically looks so much better! I love those colorful fabric letters, the trick was finding letters from the very few left, that actually spelled out a word. I got lucky with "FUN". I had been crushing on that pillow that looks like its from an old animal encyclopedia for a long time. I would visit it every time I went there, until it finally went on clearance and I snapped it up. My gorgeous niece Lillian, who happens to be tall, young and slim, so she looks great in their lovely clothes, got a job there. I can't imagine a cooler job for a 19 year old girl. I have told her to keep her eyes on the clearance room for me!

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  1. Hi Betsy, Love the first pillow you've posted. I was also wondering if I could request you for a link to your post on the pink chair redo as part of a reduce , reuse,recycle week I was planning to hold in August? Please do lety me know. (gdbinvt[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thanks! :)