Saturday, August 13, 2011

30. Years. Ago.

When I was a kid I wanted to be an artist. I had been considered "artistic" most of my life, hanging out in my room for hours drawing, walking over to J.K.Gill to admire the art supplies and watching over my mothers creative and talented shoulders as she sketched and painted. Art was something I loved to do, it gave me a place in the world and it began to define me. Being artistic is good cover if you are a shy, introverted, young girl, believe me! Quite possibly, the best artistic experience I have had in my life, and certainly the most fun was when I was in High School in a class called "Art Staff". Not just anyone could sign up for this class, portfolios were submitted and there was a selection process. I'm not sure how I pulled it off but at the time I actually had a "cool" friend who wanted to try out with me. She was beautiful, popular and could really draw. We both wanted to be in this elite group, we both entered our portfolios, we both waited for our acceptance letters, I got mine. I was sad for her but she was happy for me, these were really more my people then hers. To be in this class meant we were in charge of making banners for school events, designing and painting murals in the school hallways (I wonder if they are still there!!) and silk screening t-shirts and posters. It was fun, creative and sometimes hard work. I loved it! I have great memories of my 2 years on "Art Staff", but what I remember most is the feeling I got being a part of this class, of this very talented group of fellow artists, I felt like I belonged there, and it's part of what got me to where I am now. I know some of my fellow "Art Staffers" went on to careers in the art world, and I would like to think that my many years as a hairdresser, and my fewer years as a blogger, could be considered "art" as well!

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