Thursday, March 3, 2011

1 Year Old!

While laying awake one night exactly a year ago today, I had an idea. I am often plagued by insomnia but not as often by great ideas, so this was special. I had for some time been secretly entertaining the idea of starting a blog, a medium that I saw gave regular people the access and the ability to express themselves and their creativity, ideas and opinions. I wanted to be a person who did that. What held me back was fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of embarrassing myself and fear of looking and sounding like a self absorbed narcissist! I wasn't even sure of how to get a blog started or what I would write about if I could. I didn't know if I could stick with it or if there would be anyone who would even want read about the things I didn't yet know what I wanted to write about. I used to knit, so for a I while thought about starting a knitting blog but decided no, that was too narrowly focused. As a hair dresser I thought a beauty or hair design centered blog seemed logical but how interesting would that be: describing the latest hair-dos and giving styling tips? Not very, I decided. I have sometimes considered my self an amateur decorator, very amateur, but I have so much fun thrifting, painting and re-purposing, that I thought that this would be at least partially what I would blog about. So that was my idea exactly one year ago, the one I had been afraid to realize, the one that forced me out of bed and lured me into the web log world. Since then it has turned into and has uncovered more then that: a place to collect my thoughts, an awareness of who I am and what I love, and surprisingly my desire to write, but it all started with a vague idea and a blog title that would eventually encompass lots of ideas about making pretty.


  1. Happy Blog birthday to you!!!

  2. I adore that you boldly share your creativity with others! I love you, your blog, and eagerly await your next post.

    -adoring husband

  3. Happy blog birthday! I am so glad you started it. Your blog is an inspiration to me.

  4. your story sounds very similar to mine. I was also sort of afraid to start a blog. I didn't want to be seen as self-absorbed, didn't know what to write about. and even though I wanted to do/write for myself I was worried that really no one would read it. the past six months have been an interesting journey for my. I met great people, but above all I got to know myself so much better. I definitely did not expect that, lol...

    happy blog anniversary :)