Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why does this face look so familiar?

A few years ago I was walking the isles of my favorite Goodwill (honestly, they are all my favorites) when I passed by this picture. He seemed to be looking at me and asking me to take him home. So I did. The $3.99 price tag helped with that decision. There was something so familiar about that face. I did a little research and found its called "Heads of Two Clowns" by Georges Rouault. I love his expression and all the colors in the picture. He really fit in with all my stuff. So up he went with the continued nagging notion that I had seen this face before......

.....a few days later my Mother handed me a stack of old photos she wanted me to have. I put them aside for the moment. While flipping through them later I came across this familiar face. No, not the cute little tomboy sheriff posing on Christmas day, but the framed picture on the wall behind me (yes thats me). There he was! I knew I'd seen that face before! I'd always known my Mom had good taste now I have proof.

" Heads of Two Clowns" Georges Rouault

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